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Long-Chuan Lu ext. 12100

  head of division

1. take charge of all manners of executive affairs
2. plan freshman orientation and all kinds of ceremonies


Ming-chih Liu ext. 12102
1. deal with any affairs related to accommodation (dormitory) and campus safety
2. take charge of on-the-job training for dorm superintendents


Chao-fang Yen ext. 12105
1. be in charge of document processing
2. act as an auditor of students’ part-time pay


HSIU-CHING CHEN ext. 12103

personnel by contract

1. take charge of students’ military deferment
2. manage the funds of the division and safekeeping


Mei-chin Chen ext. 12104
1. deal with affairs concerning emergency money application, the supporting project, subsidization, etc.
2. deal with Principal Prize
3. deal with scholarship application


LI-CHIN HUANG ext. 12107

personnel by contract

1. take charge of tuition fee waiver and student loan
2. lost& found
3. deal with file-keeping
4. assist students in extra-campus rental problems


Tzu-chi Tseng ext. 12108

promote Moral Character Education and Law Education



FU-MEI HUANG ext. 73399、73398

  Dormitory Superintendent:

1. deal with check-in and check out affairs for undergraduates
2. take care of dormitory maintenance and facility repairing



  ext. 82121 / 82122

postgraduate dorm supervisor

1. deal with check-in and check out affairs for postgraduates and doctorial students