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研華2017暑期實習Digital Marketing Internship

【Advantech Elite Internship Program】 This program is designed to bring young people’s innovations to our business by offering a broad range of internships each year in, Marketing, IT/MIS, SW Programming, HR, and more. If you are a talented individual who demonstrates passion, innovation, teamwork, and self-motivation qualities, we welcome YOU to join us!


【UX & Website Promoter】 Create a highly-engaging and effective landing page by conducting SEO, UX optimization, multi-channel promotions. Goals: 1. # of registrants, site traffic growth 2. AdWords campaign performance (# of conversions & CTR %) Scope: 50% Create & optimize webpage & ad content. 30% Optimize SEM campaign performance. 10% Perform SEO check for marketing collateral. 10% Conclude actionable tasks based on UX insights.


【Content Promoter】 Create buzz among Target Audience (TA) by creatively maximizing content exposed channels, formats, frequency. Goals: 1. # of registrants, site traffic growth 2. Engagement (shares, likes etc.) 3. Posts*20 (media*6, social*14) Scope: 50% Brainstorm & create media blast creatives. 30% Optimize social media campaign performance. 10% Contact media for content exposure. 10% Execute campaigns timely across media.





●實習待遇:新台幣50,000元 (自2017.7.3起至2017.8.31止,為期9週)

●招募條件: 1.以大三、大四、研究生或剛畢業的學生為主要邀請對象 2.具備以下條件者優先考慮:具有數位行銷的概念與技能、具有良好的英語能力

單位 : 職涯發展中心