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Long-Chuan Lu ext. 12100

  head of division

1. take charge of all manners of executive affairs
2. plan freshman orientation and all kinds of ceremonies


Ming-Jy Liou ext. 12102
  1. deal with any affairs related to accommodation (dormitory) and campus safety
2. take charge of on-the-job training for dorm superintendents


Chao-fang Yen ext. 12105
1. be in charge of document processing
2. act as an auditor of students’ part-time pay


Miss CHEN ext. 12103

1. deal with scholarship application

2. serving students from China

3. promote moral character education and law education

4. business for the aboriginal student center


ext. 12104
1. Student loan
2. deal with Principal Prize


LI-CHIN HUANG ext. 12107

personnel by contract

1. take charge of tuition fee waiver and student loan
2. lost& found
3. deal with file-keeping
4. assist students in extra-campus rental problems


Shih-I Huang ext. 12108

1.Students Housing Services

2.Instructor for College of Sience



HUNG-SHUN CHENG ext. 12109


 deal with affairs concerning emergency money application, the supporting project, subsidization, etc.



ext. 82121、82122

postgraduate dorm supervisor

1. deal with check-in and check out affairs for postgraduates and doctorial students




Kuan-Ching Lin

ext. 73399、73398


Dormitory Superintendent:

1. deal with check-in and check out affairs for undergraduates
2. take care of dormitory maintenance and facility repairing