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Tuition Fee Waiver

1. The application for the first term of the academic year is effective from May 1 to 31, and the application for the second term must be made from December 1 to 31 of the past year. First-year students (freshmen) are required to apply for it during August of the year.
2. Applicants need to print out the form of proof and then attach it to other relevant documents, sending them to the division for procedure.
3. To ensure your rights, applicants should notify the person in charge of any amendments to relevant documents for fear of any violation of the law.
4. Students who have applied for the waiver are not allowed to refund the money and then apply for other subsidies by the government. The application of the waiver shall not coincide with other applications.
5. There is only one opportunity to apply per term. During a term, if you have transferred to other universities, transferred to the other departments, or resumed the studies from suspension, you will not have to apply again.


Student Loan
The old application form has been annulled. The new one can be downloaded at https://sloan.bot.com.tw. At present, the application for student loan is handled by the Bank of Taiwan. Applicants should be aware of it. After all the procedures are done, the receipt of proof should be submitted to the division during the appointed time.
The person in charge: Li-chin Huang (Extension number: 12107)

Principal Prize
Excellent freshmen don’t have to pay the tuition fee and will be given a diploma. In the second term, excellent undergraduates will be granted a diploma and a scholarship of 20,000. As for excellent postgraduates, they will be granted a privilege of no tuition fee for two years, on condition that their academic performances after graduation rank as top five in the class. Those who rank as six to ten can also have one year free of tuition fee. Besides, all of them are qualified for the educational project.

Supporting Project for Students in Need
Qualified applicants have to log in at, fill in the application form and print it out. Besides the form, the census book (not a copy version) and the transcript of the past term (not a copy version) shall be enclosed. Freshmen and transfer students don’t need to enclose the transcript. The documents mentioned above must be sent to the division in two days. Not sending them during the appointed time is considered to be relinquishment. Other important details are as follows:

1. Application shall be made before October 25 every year and can only be made once.
2. Those who finish the application procedures have to offer a campus-service that comes to ten hours during the term.

Subsidization for Children of the Unemployedd
The purpose of this is to assist the children of the unemployed in their studies, easing their financial burden. Those who finish the application procedures can have a subsidy of 5,000 per term.

Scholarship Application
At present, relevant scholarship application forms are attached on the webpage of the Chinese version. If you have any questions about qualifications for application, inquire after the person in charge of the division.

Student Accommodation (Dormitory Service)
Dormitory for Undergraduates (for master,for bachelor)

1. There are five student dormitories altogether that can accommodate 1448 males and 1100 females.
2. First-year students are guaranteed for one-year accommodation. Sophomores and beyond are required to draw lots for allocation of the rooms. Every department should take charge of the lot-drawing procedure.
3. Each room is about 39.6 square meters, designed for four people to live in. Bathing facilities, beds, closets, desks, chairs etc. are equipped in each room.
4. Public areas include social rooms, studies, laundry-doing areas, parking lots for automobiles and scooters etc. Drinking water suppliers are set on each floor.
5. The charge per term is from NT$7,100, excluding the winter break and the summer vacation. Electricity utility bills about NT$1,500 per term are to be paid by room users. Every student also needs to pay a deposit of NT$1,000, which will be returned after the check-out is done.

Dormitory for Postgraduates and Doctorial Students

1. There are five dormitories altogether that can accommodate 750 males and 437 females.
2. Dormitory A to D offers double rooms, and public bathing facilities are available. Dormitory E offers suites, where are equipped with beds, closets, desks, chairs, etc.
3. Public areas: drinking water suppliers, social rooms, laundry-doing areas, a convenience store, etc.
4. The charge per term is from NT$6,800 (doubles rooms) to NT$9,550 (suites), excluding the winter break and the summer vacation. Every student needs to pay a deposit of NT$1,000 if the check-in is secured. The deposit will be returned after the check-out is done.

Money for Emergency& Disasterr
Qualifications for application

    1. Pupils are seriously ill or die from accidents.
    2. Pupils are abused, abandoned, or forced to do something immoral, which make them unable to live at home or to be allocated a place to live by charitable organizations.
    3. Parents get divorced, separated, or missing for more than half a year.
    4. Others

The money granted varies according to different situations. The minimum is NT$5,000 or more.

1. “Student Awareness of Morals and the Law” is of great significance, and the division is in charge of the promotion of it; therefore, we are active in holding activities to promote moral character education and law education. At present, with the funds, we are able to host promoting activities in a diverse way, and we sincerely hope that the idea will be here to stay, creating a campus with an air of moral-consciousness and law-abidingness.
2. The promotion framework is as follows: