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Club Activity Situation

Student autonomy groups
  This kind of clubs is holding by the undergraduate student counsel and department student counsel.
Every winter or summer vacation, some of student autonomy clubs hold camps about their department characteristics for senior high school students.

Academic groups

  This kind of clubs invites a professional teacher who has no relation to school to guide their activities.
Sport groups
  There are many kinds of sport clubs in this group including some kind of boxing clubs.
They often go to competitions holding in other schools. These activities enrich their college life more colorful.
Entertainment groups
  This kind of club enjoys dancing or other entertaining activities. They often hold performances and go to some similar competitions.
Friendship groups
  People who come from the same city in order to connect their friendship from senior high school, they become a club.
Nowadays, they also provide some school funny activities in junior high schools and elementary schools.
Service-oriented groups
  People who are enthusiastic in helping others gather together to become a club. They often go to serve the olds or children in communities or faraway area.
Art groups
  People who have special skills to beautify campus join this kind of group. They are guided by professional teachers and often show their works in campus.
Music groups
  People who love the same kind of music gather to become clubs.
They often go to competitions or hold concerts to show their achievement.