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Health Center

Health Center’s purpose:
Health is a key point to maintain one’s life. Prof. Oberteuffer of The Ohio State University said:” In order to improve our health, people need education. And so as to be well-educated, we need even more health.” Through multiple methods, we promise to disseminate the knowledge of health care and disease prevention with our professional counseling, solicitude, technological management and some prospective activities to provide an approachable and comprehensive service for encouraging school health and creating a better future.

Work content:
1.Body health check: We will help freshman to complete their health check-up. Then we will pay highly attention with the health-abnormal student and with the prevention of Infectious diseases.

2.Health services: We provided free TCM and Family doctor outpatient services. We offer an on-site registration only if students, teachers, and family member of teachers could bring their school ID card. Our clinic hours were announced on our website and the bulletin board.

3.Agency of student insurance: For those who have joined the plan of our student group insurance, if you are hospitalized with your illness or have medical treatment with accidental injury, you may apply for the student insurance. For more details, please visit our website.

4.Urgent care: We offer a simple wound care treatment and injuries services during our duty hours. Also, we have contracted with some hospitals in the nearby community in order to maintain our teachers and students’ health.

5.Health educational activities: We often carry out some first aid training courses and some health promoting activities, combine with our nearby community resources and contracted hospitals to improve teachers and students’ health.

6.Self-health management check: We provide some equipment for you to measure your height, weight, body fat, blood pressure and waistline.

7.Health care facilities: We will lend our hot packs, cold packs, crutches, wheelchairs and first aid kit(only with your first responder certificate) if you need.

8.Contracted hospitals: CCU have contracted with some nearby hospitals. Teachers and students can go to these hospitals with your school ID cards, then you will get free registration and medical certificate. Also you can have a discount when you see a doctor. For more details, please visit our website.