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Health Service

privileged hospital to ccu 【List Of Health Services At Specified Time】


Staff and family dependants process at privileged hospital with service id, nhi card and personal id.
Students process at privileged hospital with student id, nhi card and personal id.
The expenses of drugs, examinations , wards and handling are not included in the nhi.
Hospital Address Contact Number Ambulance
St. Martin De Porres Hospital No.565,sec. da-ya rd,jia-yi 05-2756000 Yes
Chia-I Hospital No.312,bei-gang rd,jia-yi 05-2319090 Yes
Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital No.6,west sec ,chiapu rd,putz city, jia-yi county 05-3621000 Yes
Cheng Gong Hospital No.21-20,zhong-zhuang,dong-rong village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2263042 Yes
Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital No.2,min-sheng rd,da-lin town,jia-yi county 05-2648000 Yes
Chia-I Veterans Hospital No.600,sec. si-xian rd,jia-yi 05-2356704 Yes
Chia-Yi Christian Hospital No.539,zhong-xiao rd,jia-yi 05-2765041 Yes
God's Heart Hospital No.66,601 alley,sec. bei-gang rd,tai bao,jia-yi county 05-2378111 Yes
An-An Dental Clinic No.53-1,min-sheng rd,zhong-le village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2063733 No
Jiang Feng-Yu Dental Clinic No.116,zhong-zhuang,dong-rong village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2064900 No
Jia-Ming Clinic No.57-11,third. jian-guo rd,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2213232 No
Lin Heng-Wen Clinic No.30-1,xi-an rd,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2266555 No
Xin Chang Chinese Medicine Clinic No.55,an-he rd,xi-an village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2265736 No
Hui-An Clinic No.3,min-quan rd,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2269263 No
Ke Ying-Jie Clinic No.224,wan-qiao,wan-qiao village,zhu-yi,jia-yi county 05-2793567 No
Zheng-Da Dental Clinic No.190,min-quan rd,jia-yi 05-2780261 No
Jia-Nan Chinese Medicine Clinic No.123,zhu-wei rd,jia-yi 05-2332414 No
Dai Chang Long Dermatology Clinic No.277,sec. bo-ai rd,jia-yi 05-2328888 No
Jia-Yin Dental Clinic 2f No.114,wu-feng north rd,jia-yi 05-2235242 No
Min-Ren-Tang Dental Clinic No.295,xing-ye west rd,jia-yi 05-2362726 No
Fu-Yin Clinic No.340,wu-feng north rd,jia-yi 05-2782036 No
Jia Guan Chinese Medicine Clinic No.174,zhong-yi street,jia-yi 05-2222354 No
Peng Clinic No.165,zhong-shan rd,jia-yi 05-2233406 No
Xin-He-Mei Clinic No.89,xing-ye west rd,jia-yi 05-2867272 No
Zheng Chang Hai Chinese Medicine Clinic No.75,zhong-le rd,min-xiong,,jia-yi county 05-2261028 No
He Ming-Xing Dental Clinic No.65,zhong-le rd,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2260079 No
Zhong Yi -Jin Ear Nose& Throat Clinic No.758,xin-min rd,jia-yi 05-2856506 No
Xiao Ci-Yan Clinic No.252,third. jian-guo rd,fu-le village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2200858 No
Guo Jian-Jun Dermatology Clinic No.284,zhong-shan rd,jia-yi 05-2273836 No
Ren-De Ear Nose& Throat Clinic No.35-19,xi-an rd,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2260567 No
Hong-En Dental Clinic No.183,zhong-xiao rd,jia-yi 05-2762876 No
Zhang Jie-Shan Clinic No.22-3,min-zhu rd,dong-rong village,min-xiong,jia-yi county 05-2261302 No

If you need all details, please contact with health center.

Health center tel: 05-2720411 ext. 12345

e-mail: health@ccu.edu.tw