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Career Development Center

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides career development counseling, administers employee recruitment activities, and distributes labor market information to students. The center's primary focus is on strengthening links between students and industry while developing students' employment opportunities.

We provide the services below:

[Help students develop their career orientation]

  1. Facilitate career counseling
  2. Administer career personality tests and provide subsequent  counseling
  3. Promote the Ministry of Education UCAN general survey platform
  4. Help students get to know the job market and employment trends in their respective fields

[Strengthen students' professional capacity]

  1. Hold lectures on career planning and job search skills
  2. Develop General Education Center "Career Development and Employability" courses
  3. Encourage academic department to hold career lectures and company visits
  4. Help students apply for incentive measures after obtaning professional licenses
  5. Hold lectures on short-term study and study abroad opportunities

[Promote links between students and industry]

  1. Facilitate on-campus job recruitment fairs, including mock interviews, company presentations, and lectures on job search skills
  2. Publish manufacturers' job announcements and career development information on the CCU career website
  3. Administer employer satisfaction surveys
  4. Facilitate campus  recruiting seminars and interviews
  5. Facilitate presentations for students who plan to work in search and development to satisfy their military service requirement