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Division of Student Safety consists of 7 members :two lieutenant colonel instructors and 6 project staffs.

1. Chief of the division: Lieutenant colonel instructor LIN YUEH HENG(ext. 17200)
Email: johnlin@ccu.edu.tw
carry out the Dean’s instruction and responsible for the  
Division of  Student Safety.. 
2. Lieutenant colonel instructor : Yi-Ting Hsiao(ext. 17222)
Email: admting@ccu.edu.tw
1. military personnel affairs.
2. instructor for College of Science
3. Project staff :  Wei-Chung Hsu (ext. 17211)
Email: admwhc@ccu.edu.tw
1. anti-drug propaganda
2. Instructor for College of Humanities
4. Project staff : Pao-yu Hung (ext. 17233)
Email: admpyh@ccu.edu.tw

1. Handle the military training education
2. Control and maintain teaching materials and books of military training courses.
3. Plan and implement basic regiment
4. Control the office budget
5. Manage the office website
6. Instructor for College of Management
7. traffic safety advocacy

5. Project staff :  Chang,Gi-Mi (ext. 17255)
Email: admcgm@ccu.edu.tw
1. Carry out the operation of Campus Security Report
2. In charge of the 24 hours on duty affair.
3. Instructor for College of Engineering
6. Project staff :  Wan-zhen Guo (ext. 17266)
Email: admwjg@ccu.edu.tw
1. Handle wartime youth recruitment and military academic
2. In charge of the reserve officer exam.
3. In charge of Recruitment of military school.
4. Handle the military training logistics.
5. Instructor for College of Social Sciences
7. Project staff :Tsung-han Tsai (ext. 17288)
Email: admtth@ccu.edu.tw

1.students retirement security group 24 hours
2.education Services Working Life
3.school meeting data aggregation
4.military training courses off against service constitutes
5.student Security Group Property Management
6.temporary assignments
7.Anti-fraud activities
8.business friendly campus

8. Project staff :Ming-chih Liu (ext. 12102)
Email:  admscn@ccu.edu.tw
1. support Student Affairs office and dormitory business
2. twenty-four hours retire
3.law student life services.
4.temporary assignments
9. Project staff :Chou-Hu,Wang (ext. 12108)
Email: admhu@ccu.edu.tw

1.Students Housing Services
2.Instructor for College of Science