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Service of Student


1. Instructor's duty to reside in the university:

In order to safeguard the campus safety effectively, instructors
reside in the university and on duty for 24 hour to handle the students'
unexpected accidents, such as injury and sickness, send them to hospital
and others.

2. Guidance for the young generation:

We held some awareness program related "AIDS prevention, drugs
recognition, and understanding of the harm of smoking, narcotics,
alcohol, and betel nut."
The instructors also keep in touch with relevant scholars, specialists,
and popular organizations to strengthen the communication to raise
awareness among the young generation.

3. Guidance for traffic safety:

The "Guidance and counseling for freshmen program" included a traffic
safety campaign, is aimed to lead the students understanding the area
and road condition around the campus, cultivating traffic courtesy.
We emphasize the concept of traffic law-abiding by using the military
training course and camera case to avoid the traffic accidents.