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Military Service

I.About Military Service
  According to the law, in Taiwan, every male citizen having turned 19 is obligated to serve the military. Draftee confirmation will be made from January to March of the year, and then draftees will be informed of the time for physical check-ups (those who study at school can apply for deferment in accordance with the law).
1. Draftee confirmation
    Items needed for draftee confirmation are an ID card, a personal stamp, headshots, and the census book. The appointed time and place for confirmation will be printed on the notification.
2. Physical check-up
    The appointed time and hospital for physical examination will be printed on the notification. To ensure one’s own rights, would-be draftees can inform the doctor of any illness history. The results of the check-up are divided into normal, substitute, exempted, and undetermined.
3. Lot-drawing
    Check-up passers are required to attend lot-drawing, which determines what force they will belong to and what their sequences of enlistment are. Those who cannot be present shall commit it to a family member, who must be over 20 or married. Absence will be interpreted as approval of substitute drawing by any magistrates or appointees.
4. Enlistment
    The authorities concerned will send an order 10 days before enlistment. The appointed time and place as well as relevant procedures should be taken seriously.
III.Deferment Application 
1. Students must send the copied version of their ID cards (heads and tails) as well as relevant documents to the division for deferment application.
2. Restrictions
a. The school is not officially registered by the authorities concerned.
b. Educational districts don’t correspond to regulations.
c. Dropouts or down-graders are not entitled.
d. Those who are over 33 years old but haven’t graduated are forced to be enlisted.
(Their educational qualification is still valid according to the law.)
3. Invalidity
a. Graduation
b. Any un-permitted reasons for leaving school
IV.Application for postponement of enlistment
1. College students who put off the due time of graduation can apply for postponement of enlistment. According to the law, they belong to spare soldiers. After graduation, the enlistment order will be sent.
2. One Restriction
After graduation, those who continue to enter another college or regress to senior high must not make any application of postponement.
3. Invalidity
a. Graduation
b. Any un-permitted reasons for leaving school