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Dr. Shen-Lein-Kuei Zeng ext .12400

  Chief of this subdivision

1. Organizing all the works of this sub division, and coordinate the related works with other sub divisions.
2. Dealing with the large-scale or special activities.


Miss Chen ext. 12401


1. Providing guidance to student clubs on their activities.
2. Student counseling to the music clubs.
3. Organizing student club estimation, and dealing with the works of other Taiwan universities.
4.  Modifying, setting, and explaining the club rules.
5. The related works of the school clubs including the establishing and changing of a club.
6. To administer the funds of the sub division.
7. To manage the properties and the Internet of this sub division.
8. Other extra works.


Mr. Chang ext. 12406


1. Maintaining the performing hall, and the systems inside it.
2. Supporting activities in the performing hall.
3. Maintaining electric-board of the acting center.
4.  Managing the night part-time workers of activity center.
  To preserve the equipment, water, and electricity of the activity center.
5. Delivering the official documents of this sub division and the health department.
6. Other extra works.


Miss Ma ext. 12407


1. To handle the application of students activities.
2. Managing and preserving locations and equipment of activity center.
3. Managing the part-time workers.
4. Student counseling to the sport and entertainment clubs.
5. Other extra works.


Miss Liu ext . 12405


1. Student counseling to the art and academic club.
2. Dealing with the estimation of the student clubs.
3. Dealing with general office documents.
4. Counseling the estimation committee members with the club funds.
5. Other extra works.


Miss Shen ext. 12402


1. Student counseling to the Service-oriented and friendship clubs.
2. Managing the related works of the international volunteer team.
3. Dealing with the works of volunteer service learning.
4. To deal with the announcements and general documents of this sub division.
5. Other extra works.